About Us

Girls in Tech: Global

Girls in Tech (GIT) is a global non-profit that works to put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries and startups. The organization was founded in 2007 by Adriana Gascoigne to create a support framework to help women advance their careers in STEM fields. We do that by educating and empowering women who are passionate about technology. It is Girls in Tech’s mission to support women with the access and community they need to succeed in tech.

Girls in Tech Armenia

(GIT) Armenia is the Armenian branch of a global non-profit, founded on 2017. Girls in Tech Armenia aims to accelerate the growth of innovative women entering into the high-tech industry and building startups. We achieve this through the creation of proprietary, innovative programming and strategic global partnerships. GIT Armenia exists for anyone with an interest in technology, startups and providing women with a platform for growth. The main accent is on the spirit of the girl within all of us—fearless, lively and determined.


The notion of equality is one we are so strongly willing to maintain in the high-tech industry: we do so by empowering girls and women and giving them new opportunities.


People we work with and work for are of all ages and professions; by creating a community of like-minded women we wish to encourage and support them to share their wisdom, make friends, start a business and feel secure in the industry. 


Creating a supportive environment for women for their aspirations to be translated into action is done by guiding their way through tech and giving them the mentors that young women so often lack.

Our Team

Seda Papoyan

Managing Director

Lilit Broyan

Project Manager

Haykuhi Hovhannisyan

Education Manager

Donara Jaghinyan

Project Associate

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

Hellen Keller