Zhenya, a professional UX/UI designer and tutor at GIT Armenia, agreed to do a small interview with us on the topic of correctly navigating in tech industry as a woman. She gave some really interesting answers, so here we go!  


Armenia has the biggest percentage of women working in tech in our region. Does that surprise you?

-This statistics should’ve been predictable, I think. IT has become the leading sector in Armenian economy throughout the last years on one hand and the vast majority of women in Armenia have a high level of education on the other.


What do you think is the biggest problem a girl can encounter while trying to build her career in this industry?

-I guess the major problem a woman can face while trying to start her career in IT can be the lack of specialty-oriented educational programs or institutions that offer quality and up-to-date courses.


Can you name women who have inspired you to keep on working and not giving up?

-There are some people who I take example from and admire their commitment and willingness to share their experience. I can’t name only one person.


What advice would you give to younger girls in STEM?

-I advise all those who are making their first steps in career always to keep in mind that the first thing they should continuously invest in is the education and self-development, since STEM itself is highly dynamic and is re-transforming day by day.


What advice would you give to anyone who is trying to pursue career in UI/UX Design?

-When trying to acquire the profession of a UI/UX designer, remember that there is still a lack of professionals in the field, so there are lots of chances to receive great offers with a nice portfolio.


“There are always lots of talkers and few doers. Start with few and continue making it better.”