Because Wonder Woman is not a character, but a mindset!

Women and girls from Armenia’s IT sector took part in Geek Girls’ Dinner event, organized by Girls in Tech global network’s Armenian chapter. The theme of the event was Startup Ecosystem.

The main purpose of the theme dinner is to become a unique platform where women who are interested in technologies can share their interests, make new connections and communicate with the field’s representatives.


And this time, the gathering took place at the Hero House, created by Armenia Startup Academy. There were 4 representatives as speakers: Ruzanna Safaryan – Project Manager of Impactaim Venture Accelerator, UNDP, Luiza Avetisyan – Co-founder of, Anna Grigoryan – Community Manager of Armenia Startup Academy, and Knarik Grigoryan – CFO of GG Taxi.

“This time the theme of the initiative was close to everyone’s heart. There was a common line among the talks. The line was that women also have a big and important role in every startup’s success. It is because, for instance, women are more attentive to details, more persistent, and more responsible. These characteristics only help the technologies succeed nowadays.” – mentions the Managing Director of Girls in Tech Armenia, Seda Papoyan.

The food for the dinner was also from an Armenian startup – Personal Chef Armenia. The wine was also symbolic. IT women and girls had the privilege to taste Armenian wine “Zabel”, which is named after Zabel Yesayan – an Ottoman Armenian novelist, translator, and professor of literature.


Hero House was full of so many wonderful Armenian girls at our second Geek Girls’ Dinner. Startup Ecosystem needs more women, and they will make their way!