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28 April, 2019

Leadership & Diversity in Tech: IWD Yerevan 2019

Google supports and celebrates women in technology through numerous initiatives, one of them is International Women's Day (IWD) event happening all around the globe for years and now, for the first time also in Armenia.

16 March, 2019

Like A Girl: Gyumri - Women's March

Join us for the next #LikeAGirl to enjoy the success stories of women you know or would like to get to know. And we're happy to take the initiative to Gyumri this time, opening up for decentralization and equal opportunities for all girls and women in Armenia. 

2 March, 2019

Career Switch to TECH

TECH is no longer the industry closed or unreachable for those who don't have related educational background or proper experience.
Girls in Tech Armenia in partnership with and with the support of ISTC are launching a series of exceptional TECH career coordination initiatives, Career Switch to Tech.

12 January, 2019

Like A Girl: Yerevan - Welcome to 2019

Girls In Tech Armenia starts the new year with a new series of women empowerment events called #LikeAGirl. Join us to get inspired by the stories of successful women, as well as meet others and present yourself during the networking session. 

14 November, 2018

How to Land Your Dream Job in Tech: Empowering Women

IE Business School and Girls in Tech - Armenia are happy to announce the start of their partnership with a new series of networking events named "Tech and Business Talks".

9 October, 2018

Ada Lovelace Day with Girls in Tech Armenia

Ada Lovelace Day is an international celebration of the achievements of women in STEM - science, technology, engineering and maths. We're so excited to be able to celebrate Ada Lovelace day in Yerevan. It is is held every year on the second Tuesday of October.

14 September, 2018

GEEK Dinner: Designing Products People Love

At Girls in Tech - Armenia we're excited to announce the first Geek Dinner of Fall 2018 in partnership with PicsArt Armenia. Together we're going to explore the secrets of "Designing Products People Love".

19 July, 2018

GEEK Girls' Dinner: Female Founders

We are happy to announce that our series of Geek Girls' Dinner is continuing.
The topic of our next dinner is "Female Founders". Our speakers are founders and CEOs of startups/agencies and are going to share their success stories.

22 March, 2018

GEEK Girls' Dinner: Customer Success

At Girls in Tech - Armenia we are excited to announce our next Geek Girls' Dinner in 2018 in partnership with Vineti. The dinner is for girls and women engaged and interested in tech, who can call themselves geek or would like to become one. But it is open for men as well.

25 February, 2018

GEEK Girls' Dinner: Startup Ecosystem

Why Wonder Woman? Because Wonder Woman is not a character, but a mindset!
At Girls in Tech - Armenia we are excited to announce our second Geek Girls' Dinner in 2018 with a trending theme - Startup Ecosystem. That is why we will be hosted by Armenia Startup Academy in their premises of Hero House.

7 January, 2018

GEEK Girls' Dinner: Welcome to 2018

Girls in Tech - Armenia is happy to invite all interested girls and women to the first Geek Girls' event in Armenia and the opening of the series of Geek Girl Dinners.
The dinner is for girls and women engaged and interested in tech, who can call themselves geek or would like to become one.

7 October, 2017

Hacking for Humanity with Girls in Tech Armenia

On October 7-8, Girls in Tech Armenia in cooperation with Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC,) Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF,) and USAID for the first time in Armenia organized the social innovation hackathon called Hacking for Humanity.