The second stop with our #LikeAGirl project was Gyumri! Bringing decentralization to GIT Armenia’s initiatives is of great importance to us due to our main goal being educating and inspiring girls all over Armenia: we thought of Gyumri to be a great start for this idea!

With #LikeaGirl: Gyumri we wanted to present success stories of Armenian women to a younger audience which hopefully will follow the example of these women: creating a skill set and developing career in a correct manner which would be in line with person’s own goals in life.

We were also keen to discover new environments, communities and to reinvent our main mission: creating a support framework to help women advance their careers in STEM fields.

To open a discussion on decision-making and correctly evaluating one’s working abilities, 4 female speakers were invited to reflect on their experiences and to share more insights on work, entrepreneurship, habits and motivation. The speakers were Arevik Hambardzumyan – the founder and CEO of LOFT, Nare Avagyan – MD at TUMO Gyumri, Arusik Mkrtchyan (DJ Vakcina) – the founder of  “Be informed” NGO,  and Vardanush Petrosyan – the founder and CEO at ‘Apse’. 

With the audience being given so much information and insight on the topic, we can confidently say that this event was a success!