Teens For Change

About Teens for Change

During the summer 2019, Girls in Tech Armenia in partnership with UNFPA in Armenia and Arevik social-educational center launched Teens For Change program in Ijevan, Tavush.

The program aims at providing young people ages 15-18 in Tavush region with the essential basic knowledge in tech and business via simple tools they’ll be able to use in their daily life later as well. It mostly targets the development of number of skill-sets for the participants, including idea generation, budget estimation, technical solutions, fundraising, negotiations and presentation.
The Program is focused on the community needs while generating ideas for technical business solutions so that participants will be able to create something for their community benefits.


We have planned a program which is a mix of tech and business skills that teenagers will acquire in a non-formal learning environment. We guide them through the following phases of project management and provide with appropriate knowledge and hands-on skills:
Idea generation – how to create, develop and communicate ideas,
Budget estimation – step by step planning and estimation with basic financial knowledge,
Technical solutions – web and mobile tools that help setting up a project for offline or online communities using basic skills,
Fundraising – web-based as well as offline tools and techniques for fundraising,
Negotiations – soft skills for a winning negotiation,
Presentation – pitching skills for best results.

Study Visit to Yerevan


On the course of Teens4Change our students not only created their personal projects to further develop their hometown of Ijevan, but also visited Yerevan, where they had a workshop on “Website builders” and afterwards got to meet 3 successful Armenian companies: FAST foundation, APAGA community and Aeon anticafe.
Despite of being from completely different fields, all three companies were extremely enjoyable to work with and taught our students a great deal about entrepreneurship.

 Presenting at UN

Recycling plastic, attracting tourists to the city and creating an anti-café in Ijevan: these were the three main ideas that our students developed on the course of these three months. They started from scratch: came out with startup ideas that would help their community the most, did a thorough research and created a business plan, while trying to take into account every single detail. Each team even created their own website!

Our students were incredibly happy to presents these projects at UN and are enthusiastic to further develop their business plans.