We have an interesting suggestion for you: why not start the year by giving a present to someone you don’t personally know yet?

We at Girls in Tech Armenia made a list of amazing Armenian organizations that aim to help those who are in need. You can check these organizations’ websites and get in touch with the staff to better learn about their missions and make the choice to donate.

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Mother Teresa

Women’s Support Center

Women’s Support Center (WSC) is working on preventing and responding to domestic violence (DV) with a particular focus on men’s violence against women who are or were in an intimate relationship. Organization’s objective is to create a safe environment for women — a place where they receive support, empathy, and the knowledge that they are not alone in their struggles. Women are provided with practical learning about domestic violence, as well as counseling that bolsters self-esteem and confidence.
The Center also strives to change myths and taboos regarding domestic violence and, more broadly, the role of women in society. Women’s Support Center upholds progressive values that promote political, economic, and social rights of women.



Orran has 100 elderly and 230 children, with ages ranging from five to sixteen years. Since its inception, Orran has helped thousands of families in need, all over Armenia and in Artsakh. Orran diverts vulnerable children from the streets and engages them in academic, cultural, and extra-curricular activities, fights the concept of beggar children as the principal breadwinners of their families. This organization helps families “in crisis”, assists the lonely and needy elderly and preventս the spread of destitution and begging among Armenia’s children and elderly.


World Vision Armenia

World Vision started operations in Armenia in 1988, providing emergency aid to people affected by the devastating earthquake on December 7. Within the first months of the response, nearly US$3 million of medical supplies and relief was delivered to affected families. Following its initial relief response, World Vision began Child Sponsorship in Gyumri in October 2000 to address longer-term development issues and today supports more than 35 000 children through sponsorship in 14 Area Programmes.

World Vision works alongside individuals and families to promote the transformation of 206 communities in 6 regions (marzes) of Armenia by empowering them to build a sustainable future for all people, especially children. Area Programmes operate in Alaverdi, Aparan, Gavar, Gyumri, Kapan, Ijevan, Noyemberyan, Tchambarak, Amasia, Sisian, Stepanavan, Talin, Vardenis and Yerevan.


CoderDojo. Access to coding for kids of rural areas of Armenia

CoderDojo is a global movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people.The organization aims to create an environment where Armenian kids will have a chance to write and use their own code for their needs. In 2020 CoderDojo will be able to enlarge its network to the regions and particularly to rural areas of Armenia.

As a result, Armenia will have a vibrant and productive environment for girls and boys of 7-14 who are interested in STEM and coding particularly, where they can benefit from peer education, collaboration and open-minded approach.


SOS Children’s Villages

Following the devastating 1988 Spitak earthquake which killed around 25,000 people and made half a million homeless in Armenia, SOS Children’s Villages decided to offer immediate aid to children who had lost their parents.

The first SOS Children’s Village was opened in Kotayk in 1990. In 1995, the SOS Kindergarten opened its doors and local children could be cared for by qualified staff. In 2006, SOS Children’s Villages started running family-strengthening programmes. These programmes work directly with families, communities, local authorities and other service providers to empower families to effectively care for their children. Thus, SOS Children’s Villages ensures that children can grow up within their own families. Children whose parents cannot take care of them will find a loving home in one of the SOS families.

In 2014, the organization started an emergency programme to support the Syrian-Armenian refugees arriving in Yerevan. SOS Children’s Village assisted 300 children from 150 families with housing and health, educational and economic support.


Izmirlian Foundation

The Izmirlian Foundation was launched to implement diverse philanthropic and impact investment initiatives in support of the newly independent state of Armenia in coping with the challenges she faced after gaining independence.

During its approximately 30 years of presence in Armenia, the Izmirlian Foundation had launched and implemented diverse initiatives in the areas of education, healthcare, economic development, social welfare, preservation of Armenian cultural heritage, among other areas.

The Foundation can proudly acknowledge its tangible role in helping achieve the sustainable development of Armenia while serving as a symbol of Diaspora-Homeland partnership aimed at creating a more prosperous and independent Armenia for all.